Sony not only makes some very nice Android devices, they are also the folks behind the PlayStation franchise. The PlayStation first hit the scene in December 1994 and was the first game console to ship over 100,000,000 units. Because of its popularity, the PlayStation family has expanded to include a game console, a portable gaming console, and game-centric software certified for Android devices.

The PlayStation Network has over 110 active members — including Android users

Android devices, like the Sony Xperia line or certain models from Sharp and HTC, can access both the PlayStation Network or a special PlayStation Mobile app where users can download titles directly to their phone. While some games, like the God of War series or the Gran Turismo series aren't available for our Androids, there are hundreds of exclusive titles to choose from that will play on your PlayStation Certified device.

Many popular PlayStation games can be played via an emulator like ePSXe, though the legality of downloading ROM files of games is in question.

Sony understands that there are plenty of people, both young and old, who enjoy playing games. Through their PlayStation products, they have tried to deliver content to us all that is both enjoyable and challenging.

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