Standard issue

Sony DualShock 4

Reimagined greatness

SCUF Vantage (wireless)

The regular DualShock 4 meets most people's needs, but it lacks several features that could take it to the next level.

$46 at Amazon


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple
  • Classic design


  • Fewer customization options
  • Inferior for competitive play

The SCUF Vantage caters to those who like to physically customize their controllers right down to the triggers and faceplate.

$200 at GameStop


  • Interchangeable faceplate customization
  • Remappable buttons/paddles
  • Hair triggers
  • Trigger stops


  • Expensive
  • Unappealing to a majority of casual players

What's the difference?

The SCUF Vantage is a premium controller meant for professional players, and as such it features a lot of bells and whistles that aren't found on a standard DualShock 4 controller. Sony provides just what everyone needs to get the job done with the DualShock 4, but that isn't enough for some people. That's where third-party manufacturers come in. Go big or go home. As always, though, you'll know what suits your needs best.

Category Sony DualShock 4 SCUF Vantage
Price $46 $200
Dimensions 3.94" x 6.34" x 2.24" 4.25" x 6.5" x 2.5"
Weight 210g 352g
Thumbsticks Symmetrical Offset
Triggers Standard Hair Trigger
Trigger stops No Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Extra remappable paddles No Yes (6)
Interchangeable faceplate No Yes

What these features mean to you

A few of these features may not mean anything to you at first, but they're quite important and make a drastic difference in your gaming experience when utilized. Since not everyone is familiar with them, I'll help you out.

Hair Trigger mode and trigger stops

Hair triggers let players get off shots faster by reducing the amount of pressure needed to press the trigger. This shortens the amount of time it takes to shoot, thus allowing you to shoot in quick succession if the weapon you are using isn't automatic. Even just milliseconds can make all of the difference in a competitive multiplayer match.

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To complement this, the SCUF Vantage also features trigger stops. These are small dials that shorten the distance you can press the trigger, effectively serving the same function as hair trigger mode so that you can press the trigger multiple times more quickly.

Remappable paddles

One of the biggest appeals of the SCUF Vantage is its extra paddles and buttons. It features four paddles on the back of the controller, and two buttons on each outer edge next to the bumpers that can all be remapped to any other button on the controller. This lets you further customize the controller depending on what type of game you are playing. For example, if you need to jump by pressing X but you don't want to take your thumb off of the analog stick as it wastes time, you can remap X to one of the back paddles instead.

Interchangeable faceplate

The SCUF Vantage allows players to swap out its faceplate with dozens of different options to customize it based on their tastes. You can't do this with a DualShock 4 controller easily as it's not meant to be taken apart, and even if you manage you'll need to customize it manually yourself the old fashioned way — or go out and buy an entirely new controller altogether. It's only a cosmetic feature and it doesn't change the performance of your controller in any way, but it's important to some people that the option is there.

The bottom line

Competitive players will want to spend the extra money for the SCUF Vantage, even if it seems like a steep price. After using mine for a few weeks, I know I can't go back to using a regular DualShock 4 controller, and I don't even play professionally. Still, the DualShock 4 has what everyone needs and is much better suited for the mass market, especially it its price point.

Standard issue

Sony DualShock 4

Casual appeal

Your standard DualShock 4 gets the job done, but it lacks a lot of the bells and whistles. If your looking for a solid option, this is a good go-to.

Personalized appearance

SCUF Vantage

Greater physical customization

Those looking to physically customize their controller in almost every way, right down to the triggers, need look no further than the SCUF Vantage.

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