Getting you in the mood for whatever, one playlist at a time

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Streaming music services are everywhere these days. But Songza's done things a bit differently. Instead of listening to artists or albums, Songza's all about playlists, touting itself as a music "concierge." Fire up the app and it'll ask — based on time and day of the week — if perhaps you're in the mood for a morning pick-me-up. Or perhaps something soothing at bedtime. Or if you're on the road. Or maybe it's time to party. And, yes, there's music for ... ahem ... adult activities, both of the intimate and vertical pole varieties. (Among so many others.)

And it's actually pretty fun to sift through all the possibilities. (Why, yes, I do feel like getting down with my bad self, thank you very much.) You can favorite specific playlists, or check back on what you got into recently. So if you like something, it's not too hard to get back to it again.

In mid-2014 Google announced it was purchasing Songza for $15 million.

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