Smart Launcher 5 introduced some big changes at the end of March with Smart Launcher 5.2's modular page system and some menu improvements, and this month those improvements continue with some big theming additions, including support for turning on dark mode according to system preferences in Android Q.

Smart Spiderverse theme

The changes outlined for April 20's Build 40 update state all menus and dialogs for Smart Launcher 5 now support dark themes, including a fancy AMOLED theme that I will be enjoying the second the update hits my devices. The dark theme support is especially significant because in addition to a manual switch, Smart Launcher 5 will also be able to kick on dark theme based on system theme settings:

"The dark theme is enabled when enabled by your system preferences (Android Q and higher), however you can force it to be always active or to be enabled during night time or when you are using a dark wallpaper."

Other useful features from this update include an updated wallpaper pick — something that was long, long overdue and will help me immensely when testing all these Galaxy S10 hole-punch wallpapers — and the ability to add multiple apps to a new home screen page or folder in one swoop rather than individually.

Best app drawer

Smart Launcher 5

With a smartly categorized and widely adaptable app drawer, insane icon options with Icon Pack Studio, and a drop dead simple home screen, Smart Launcher 5 has become one of my favorite launchers on the market today.

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