Best answer: You can find some sellers on eBay offering refurbished models of the Bose QC35, but if you can spend a few extra dollars, we recommend playing it safe and just picking up a pair brand new directly from Bose.

Amazon: Bose QC35 (Series II) ($350)

You'll need to rely on third-party sellers for buying refurbished QC35s

Buying refurbished gadgets is often a great way to save a few bucks when buying new tech, and a lot of times, you'll find these being sold from reliable outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

In the case of the Bose QC35, you can only buy a pair that's refurbished from third-party sellers on sites like eBay.

The top result we found is from seller hottgadgetsonline who's offering a refurbished pair of the QC35 Series II for $287. That's a solid discount compared to the MSRP of $350, but with only 29 seller ratings and a positive feedback of just under 77%, those are lower standards than what we usually recommend when buying from an eBay seller.

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You are protected by eBay's Money Back Guarantee, but even so, you're still dealing with what appears to be a relatively new seller with a lower-than-desired feedback rating.

We recommend playing it safe and buying new

You can take that risk if you think the discount is worth it, but for most people, we recommend just buying the QC35s brand new.

Amazon occasionally runs sales that knocks a new pair of the headphones down to just $299, and for that price, there's no reason to bother with a refurbished option.

These sales are bound to take place more and more often as the QC35s get up in age, so be sure to keep an eye out for any discounts throughout the year.

Our pick

Bose QC35 (Series II)

The best way to buy the Bose QC35

Bose's QC35s have been out in the market for a while now, meaning that sales/discounts are popping up more often than before. If you can wait for the next sale to hit, we recommend picking up the headphones new rather than messing with a potentially janky refurbished pair.

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