Picture Stabilizer on the Galaxy S5

If your camera is slow to take pictures this might be the reason why

Here's a quick pro tip for making the best of your new Samsung Galaxy S5 camera. We've seen a few threads appear in the Android Central Galaxy S5 forums claiming frustration that the camera is really, really slow to focus and take pictures. That's not always the case. If it is, you've probably got Picture Stabilization turned on as outlined by forums member atg284 and are shooting in lower light situations.

Picture Stabilization is a mode on the Galaxy S5 camera app that helps you take clearer and brighter pictures in low light situations without using the flash. As such you need to hold the phone still for longer to allow it to do its thing. In good lighting situations you really don't need this.

Picture Stabilization

If you're not sure where to find it, it's real easy. Tap the gear icon in the top or bottom left (depending on which orientation you're holding the phone) and you'll see a box on the top row, second in from the right. Make sure it's checked to off and you're golden. It's also worth turning off if you don't mind using the flash to illuminate.

Hopefully that helps explain any sluggishness you've been experiencing. It's perhaps not the best way to label this feature and could be a little misleading to folks who might mistake it for an OIS style software feature. We can't change that, but hopefully this little tip helps you take some better pictures!

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