What you need to know

  • Paladins is a hero shooter developed by Evil Mojo Games, a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios.
  • While Paladins has had cross-play on multiple platforms for some time, it's just been extended to PlayStation 4.
  • Cross-platform play is also coming for Smite and Realm Royale, two other games developed by Hi-Rez Studios.
  • Paladins is free-to-play on PlayStation 4.

While Paladins, the hero shooter from Evil Mojo Games, has supported cross-play on multiple platforms for some time now, PlayStation 4 wasn't a part of it. That has changed with the news that Paladins is getting cross-play support on PlayStation 4. To celebrate the occasion, there's a funny little...something that the developers have put together. You can check out an amusing video from the official Paladins YouTube channel below.

It's not just Paladins that is bringing the cross-play love to PlayStation 4 however, as two other games from Hi-Rez Studios (the parent company of Evil Mojo Games) are getting the support soon. One of the games getting cross-play on PlayStation 4 is Smite, the MOBA featuring gods and goddesses from different mythologies. The second is Realm Royale early access, which is an in-development battle royale game. We'll share news on when exactly cross-play comes for both of those titles. In the meantime, Paladins players on PlayStation 4 can start fighting alongside their friends on other platforms.

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