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Benefits Of Using Invisalign Over Traditional Metal Braces

With the introduction of invisalign, the traditional metal braces are quickly becoming obsolete. Invisalign has been ranked top when it comes to choosing an option to straighten teeth. As from April 2018, more than 730,000 people have put Invisalign and liked it over the traditional metal braces. You dentist should know that people are moving from metal braces to invisalign and that is why they should provide invisalign technology in the clinics. If you want to find out why people are choosing invisalign over wire braces continue reading this article.

The main benefit of using invisalign is their ability to straighten a person’s teeth. When has metal braces on, they cannot keep it a secret that they are trying to straighten their teeth, the wires are visible to everyone. The braces are visible to everyone, and that can be embarrassing to the person wearing them.

Metal wires discourage many adults from wearing braces because they are so evident that someone is trying to straighten teeth. There is no person who wants to walk into an official meeting to do a presentation with a mouth full of wires. With the modern technology Invisalign you can straighten your teeth on your discretion, and no one has to know.

The other obvious merit of using invisalign instead of traditional braces is that they are more comfortable. The feature that makes invisalign so comfortable is the fact that they are made of soft plastic trays. It can be quite painful and uncomfortable to wear metal braces as they snag the mouth and damage tissue in the cheeks and lips.

The method used to straighten teeth using metal braces is painful. Metal braces work by putting pressure on the teeth so that with time they can become straight. Invisalign has a series of plastic trays that smoothly shift the teeth to their place and do not need the pressure used in metal braces.

Wire braces are wired in the teeth of an individual permanently for a while, at least until the teeth are straight. People have to clean around the metal braces as they cannot be removed to be cleaned. A person will reduce their oral hygiene while wearing metal braces as they cannot be removed to be washed. It is stressful for the person wearing metal braces because they cannot clean their teeth well. As for invisalign you can clean your own teeth and trays without any stress as if you were not wearing any.

You can eat whatever what you want when you have invisalign on. So as not to damage the apparatus, you have to watch how you eat when you have metal braces. You cannot chew gum when you have braces on as they will stick and it will be messy and ugly.

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