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Ways of Transporting Your Kayak

Anyone wishing to buy a kayak should consider how they will be transporting it. Except the few people fortunate enough to live near large water bodies such as rivers, lakes and oceans, the vast majority of people need to figure out an efficient way of getting their kayak from the house to the kayaking destination. The easiest and perhaps most conventional means of doing so is via a roof rack. Roof racks however are often not the most ideal option for a majority of people. Below are some efficient ways of transporting your kayak without a roof rack.

Purchasing an inflatable kayak is the first option available. This could perhaps be the best method for you if you seek to spend the minimum amount of money possible when you begin to kayak. To begin with, most hard shell models are more expensive than inflatable kayaks. Even better news is that you will not have to purchase additional supplies for transporting the kayak. When deflated, most inflatable kayaks can be rolled up to fit into the trunk of almost any vehicle. This presents a stellar way of storing the kayak when it is not being used, more so for people with limited storage space. Arguably the greatest thing about inflatable kayaks is the fact that no additional supplies are needed for transporting them, since they come with their own bags, meaning all you need to do is pack it in the bag and you’re good to go.

Another alternative for transporting kayaks is via a trailer. Kayak trailers are arguably the most budget friendly option available. It is also an excellent choice for people that prefer not making permanent modifications to their vehicles such as a roof rack. People with multiple vehicles for transporting kayaks, but do not wish to install roof racks on all of them can benefit from this method. When the kayak is not in use, it can also be stored on the trailer. Whether or not the vehicle for transporting them is equipped with a hitch is an important factor to consider. If it happens not to be equipped with a hitch, then there are other possibilities for pulling the trailer. Are you ought to do is do some research and determine the maximum weight your car can pull and the trailers most compatible with it. In comparison to other methods, trailers provide an excellent option for transporting kayaks due to their versatility. The vast majority of trailers come with plenty of room for storing other items during transportation such as paddle boards, bikes and any other toys you may wish to carry during your adventures. Trailers can also be very useful when transporting large items e.g. when moving.

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