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Performance Management and How to Use it to Create a Culture of Excellence in Your Human Resource

As a matter of fact, you must have at one time been to such organizational meetings where people get to make some promises of significance to the organization but at the end of it all, they never follow on these to see them actualized. For some, it has been a habit of committing to a deadline of some kind knowing well enough that they will not be able to deliver on them but they are sitting pretty knowing that there will be no one to hold them accountable for the same at the end of the day.

According to a recent survey, as many as 78% of corporate leaders actually identified with the issue of the problem of getting the right things done as one that really plagued their companies. Thanks to these, we have seen the fact that one of the ingredients that has been missing in a number of organizations yet so important is that of accountability.

These can be partly attributed to the fact of the fast paced nature of the business environment as it is today. There is so much demanding our time and attention and as such we seem way strained to keep up with the pressures of each day and as well it’s getting harder to accomplish much of what we have committed to do.

In as much as these explain the lack of accountability, there is the other element of a lack of a performance management system which as well explains the reasons behind the inefficiencies you may be facing in your workplace. By and large, where such a system isn’t in place, one that will be as clearly aligned to the organizational goals and objectives, it can be quite a challenge if not totally impossible for you to engage your team members to follow through on the right things and have them done in a timely manner.

One thing that we see in all this is the fact that with a structured performance evaluation and management system and process, you will have such a system that will be of a lot of support to your ongoing efforts to build a sense of accountability in your organization, from the individual team members to the departments and all through to help you have this as an organizational culture at the end of the day. Actually, the performance management systems do help with the need to have all members in your team be aligned to your organizational goals and objectives, the key and strategic goals and objectives and added to this, they get to focus their attention on what things need to be done and giving the deadlines for the same. They as well help management keep track of what needs to be done, the priority areas and as such without them, management can as well easily get off track and mislead the entire organization, thinking that everything is important.

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